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With a new year ahead and a new government, it will take several talks to improve the cannabis industry and correct the wrongs of the war on drugs and systemic racism.

To spark these conversations and begin building a more inclusive cannabis industry, Weedmaps and Green Enterprise have jointly hosted a two-day virtual conference – Information, Education & Empowerment Summit, which will take place February 22-23.

Green Enterprise, a partnership between Digital Venture Partners and Black Enterprise, is a media resource for Black Americans entering the cannabis entrepreneurship. Green Enterprise will virtually assemble its audience to educate, inform and empower black and POC entrepreneurs about new opportunities, skills, knowledge and experience required to succeed in the cannabis industry. Weedmaps is the presentation sponsor of the event.

“Since the inception of Green Enterprise, our goal has been to deliver authentic stories to illustrate the achievements of Black, Indigenous and People of Color in the burgeoning global cannabis industry. Our work with Weedmaps has already made amazing strides in supporting our work on this To establish Green Enterprise as the authority on black cannabis, “said Andrew Farrior, producer of Green Enterprise.

When and where do I stream it?

  • When: February 22-23, 2020 1 p.m. – 7 p.m. EST.
  • Where: You can watch it on the Green Enterprise streaming page Here.

What will i see

At this virtual summit, you’ll hear from successful entrepreneurs, black business owners, and other business executives in the room during a series of panel discussions. Topics covered include Social Impact and Equity, Social Justice, Capital Raising and General Economics, Tips on Investing, and other areas specific to BIPOC individuals to successfully enter and participate in the cannabis industry.

Here is the meeting agenda:

Some of the speakers are:

How is Weedmaps involved in the summit?

As a sponsor and participant of the virtual summit, Weedmaps would like to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Green Enterprise to produce this important event and further share our company’s commitment to building an equitable industry,” said Juanjo Feijoo, Weedmaps’ Chief Marketing Officer. “As legalization continues across the country and the cannabis industry grows, we have a responsibility not only to eradicate the mistakes made to minorities by the war on drugs, but also to create a more inclusive economy on a large scale. The challenges are many, but creating a forum for open discussion and education with key industry decision makers is often the necessary catalyst for real change and solutions. “

Weedmaps will host a panel discussion titled “Together for Access, Equality and Legalization” led by Ru Johnson, Roz McCarthy and Cedric Haynes. This discussion will focus on the importance of cannabis organizations working together to build a fairer industry.

The panel will also discuss WM TEAL (Together for Justice, Access and Legalization), a Weedmaps initiative that provides tools and resources to entrepreneurs and businesses with skilled social justice in the cannabis industry.

Why look

The cannabis industry is booming, and more Americans are becoming historically aware of the tragedy of the drug war and its ongoing effects. Now more than ever, it is an important time for Black and POC to be equipped with the right skills and information to successfully compete at the forefront of this industry as it is increasingly accepted. By bringing entrepreneurs and thought leaders together, we can look at the cannabis industry through complex lenses that have social, racial and economic implications.

And cannabis is entering new conversations and interests. Cannabis can be intertwined with myriad other industries such as wellness, agriculture, technology, sports, food, and music. Knowing how black and POC entrepreneurs can influence the direction of cannabis will only lead to a better, healthier, and more inclusive industry and culture. With this in mind, Green Enterprise and Weedmaps hope to have thoughtful conversations about the challenges minorities face and the path to success. The upcoming business opportunities for black and POC entrepreneurs are well worth pursuing, and this summit aims to lay out everything for this community and its allies.

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Sophia Wellington is a UC Irvine graduate with a degree in International Studies with a focus on subjects and institutions. She loves learning about world cultures, politics, history, films, and music and begins her career in the cannabis marketing industry after college.



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