Senator Manchin to Vote Against Democrats’ Sweeping Voting Bill


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Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (WV) said he would vote against the For the People Act.

The Democrats in Congress have tabled a federal election reform bill designed to make it easier for Democrats to steal elections.

The bill, page 1. needs 60 votes in the Senate to pass.

Manchin, the “moderate” Democratic Senator, said Sunday that he would vote against the law in a comment published in the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

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“Today’s debate about how best to protect our voting rights is not about finding common ground, but about partisan advantages,” wrote the West Virginia Senator.

“Whether it’s state laws unnecessarily restricting the right to vote or politicians ignoring the need to secure our elections, partisan politics will not instill confidence in our democracy – it will destroy it.”

“The right to vote is fundamental to our American democracy, and protecting that right shouldn’t be about party or politics,” he added. “At the very least, protecting this right, which is a value I share, should never be biased.”

The For the People Act would relax voter identity requirements, allow convicted felons to vote, enforce states to allow postal votes, same-day voter registration, and early voting!

Joe Manchin also confirmed that he would keep the filibuster and warned of the dangers of absolute power.

“It has been told by much wiser people than me that absolute power absolutely corrupts. Well, during my time in Washington I saw that any party in power always wants absolute power, absolute. Our founders were wise to recognize the temptation of absolute power and have built in specific control mechanisms to force compromises that serve to preserve our fragile democracy. The Senate, its processes and rules have evolved over time to make absolute power more difficult while providing solutions to the problems our country is facing and I believe that is the best quality of the Senate, ”wrote Manchin.

The Democrats will not give in on this.

The Democrats are encouraged after stealing the 2020 election for Joe Biden, and they are using their new power to pass laws that will make it easier to steal elections in the future.

Joe Biden announced an executive order in March that would require federal agencies to expand access to voter registration – making it easier for Democrats to steal elections.

Biden’s EO is instructing federal agencies to expand voter registration, providing federal prisoners with access to voting and education, and improving ballot tracking for voters overseas.



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