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With laws in New Zealand not quite keeping up with the times, breeders and weed enthusiasts need to get a little creative to get the cannabis seeds they need. Luckily we found the sperm banks that ship to New Zealand.

Fortunately, we live in a global society where seed banks can ship genetics to countries around the world, usually discreetly, so no one knows what’s in the package.

The main question for people living in New Zealand is which reputable sperm banks ship all the way there.

This article covers the laws, the possible seed banks that deliver there, and additional information that may be useful to New Zealand weed connoisseurs and growers. Get ready; NZ weed seeds are just around the corner!

Information about Seed Banks Shipping to New Zealand

Can you buy cannabis seeds legally in New Zealand?

To put the New Zealand laws simply, it is illegal to use cannabis. This is despite the fact that around 13 percent of kiwis are estimated to smoke pot. 13% might not sound like a lot, but it ranks ninth in the world for countries that don’t allow the use of marijuana in their national laws.

Since it’s quite common, most cops won’t be too picky about using it unless you make it gross or they’re having a particularly bad day (and incredibly unlucky you are).

It’s worth noting that jail time isn’t out of the question if you’re unlucky. So be careful. For this reason, it is best to smoke privately rather than publicly. It’s also worth noting that allowing others to smoke on your property can also result in jail time.

Smoking marijuana privatelySmoking marijuana privately is best as it is still considered illegal in New Zealand

While there was a referendum to legalize recreational cannabis at the end of 2020, it failed by a narrow margin – only 50.7% voted “No”. However, medical marijuana is in some ways legal in New Zealand. However, it remains quite strict and only allows certain amounts of cannabis-based drugs.

Types of marijuana seeds

Anyone looking to grow marijuana in New Zealand should first understand the different types of marijuana seeds. You could just buy any old pack of seeds, but the most savvy customer will understand a thing or two about what to buy first.

In this case, it means learning about the different types of seeds that are out there. First, learn the difference between indicas, sativas, hybrids, feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds. When looking for a suitable New Zealand seed bank, you should know all of this to determine whether the seed bank really has what you are looking for or whether you should reconsider your order for New Zealand cannabis seeds.

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Cannabis indica is popular with many types of marijuana enthusiasts. These plants are usually shorter, but often have higher THC levels than sativas. Indicas usually give the user a body-centered high, which generally results in a noticeable relaxation of the muscles and a comfortable, cool high. They work well for symptoms of anxiety, pain, nausea, and insomnia.

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Indica vs. SativaIndica vs. Sativa


Sativas are usually larger plants, which means they often grow better indoors, where they won’t be visible to anyone who happens to look in that direction. A sativa high is usually more energizing and uplifting, and affects the mind more than the body. Some people smoke sativas to stimulate their creativity. Sativas often have larger amounts of CBD compared to THC.

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Hybrid seeds

The most common strains on the market today are those that are a combination of the two types mentioned above – Sativas and Indicas. In general, you’ll see a percentage of how much a particular hybrid strain leans in one direction or another.

Usually a hybrid will show traits from its more dominant species, but not always – you can often get interesting combinations of traits in different hybrid strains.

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Feminized seeds

Marijuana seeds, when left in their natural state, produce both male and female plants. When you grow marijuana, you want all-female plants to get the best yield with no seeds mixed in.

Before feminized seeds were common (and reliable), breeders had to identify and remove the male plants before they could fertilize the female. These days you can easily buy feminized plants to make sure they are feminine so you don’t have to worry about such things. If the word “feminized” is in the name of the variety, you should get all female seeds.

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Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering marijuana strains are usually the result of combining genetics with a cannabis ruderalis strain, as they are naturally autoflowering plants. Cannabis ruderalis isn’t useful for consumption in and of itself – and won’t get you up. However, when combined with other strains, you get a strain that automatically reaches the flowering stage without the need for the light to change first (unlike all other marijuana strains).

White widow autoflowering cannabis plantWhite Widow Autoflowering Strain

So any seed with the word “autoflower” or “auto” means that it will automatically reach the flowering phase within a certain period of time – usually between 8 and 10 weeks. These plants are also smaller and more compact, and when combined with their shorter life cycles, are more practical in many ways.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Sperm Bank Shipping To New Zealand


Reputation is important when looking for an online sperm bank that is the closest best to an actual New Zealand sperm bank. You should look for sperm banks with a high Trustpilot rating or other reviews that show how trustworthy they can be.

In general, better established sperm banks are better; Some have been around for more than two dozen years! Most sperm banks won’t last that long if they have nothing good to offer, which is also an indicator that it is a legitimate choice.


Many online seed banks offer perks like free delivery for certain locations or beyond certain minimum order quantities. Even more important than the shipping price, however, is the discretion and secrecy that is applied when shipping your precious package.

Due to New Zealand law, it is important to ensure that your package does not reveal what is inside. Find an online sperm bank that has an emphasis on stealth broadcasts and has positive reviews from people who live in places where secrecy is a must.

Stealth delivery of marijuana to New ZealandFind a sperm bank that can handle the stealth delivery of marijuana to New Zealand


Last but not least, the selection of available seeds is important. Reputable seed banks should offer a variety of different strains for all types of climates and environments.

Most good seed banks have all of this on hand and will provide a filter to show only certain types of seeds – whether that means seeds that grow best in temperate environments, autoflower seeds, pure indicas, high-CBD seeds, or another specification.

This will help you effectively evaluate the appropriate options instead of wasting time reading about seeds that do not apply to your situation.

The best seed banks supplying weed seeds to New Zealand


I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has a very high Trustpilot rating (9.4 out of 10) and has other useful perks like a guarantee on its seeds. That means if you get seeds that won’t germinate (as unlikely as that may be) you will either be refunded or get free seeds.

Better still, ILGM offers proven stealth packaging that makes them successful in places with more archaic marijuana laws (including those in New Zealand).

ILGM websiteILGM website

ILGM also ships everywhere, including New Zealand. So if you’re wondering where to get weeds in Auckland, Wellington, or even the less populated parts of New Zealand, ILGM is the simple answer to that question.

They have great customer support and very informative descriptions of their wide variety of charging options.

ILGM has been around for more than two decades – and there is a good reason for that! They are an excellent and trustworthy sperm bank.

We have some great seed deals! Buy 10 seeds and we’ll give you 10 seeds for free – with guaranteed shipping to New Zealand!

Have you ever had marijuana seeds shipped to New Zealand? Let us know your experience in the comment section!

After all, it’s just a plant …


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