Jungle Cake Strain Information and Review


The new weed variety Jungle Cake is a perfectly balanced hybrid that combines White Fire # 43 (phenotype of WiFi OG) and wedding cake (Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies). Its THC content shows a strong hit with numbers averaging between 26% and 30%. Its effects and properties are very similar to the wedding cake with an upbeat sativa vibe, but this hybrid strain makes for a much stronger smoke. Don’t let its potency put you off, however – read on for more information on Jungle Cake strains!

Sativa / Indica% Internal return Outdoor yield Heyday
50% / 50% Average of 1 pound per plant Average of 1 pound per plant within 57 to 67 days indoors or outdoors

This highly potent strain was first bred by Seed Junky Genetics and introduced to the public by Jungle Boys. It’s best reserved for an evening or nighttime smoke unless you’ve cleared up your schedule for the day. The Jungle Cake weed strain is for you if you are a seasoned smoker looking for a long lasting and powerful high. Beginners should moderate their use well – start small and work your way up to get the most out of the relaxing and therapeutic effects of this truly pleasant smoke.

Information on Jungle Cake Strain

Jungle Cake is quite simply a beautiful bud. This tall, broad plant is crazy dense and has vibrant greens and purples. It has light, forest green, grape-shaped nugs with thin orange hair and thick, white and silver crystal trichomes. It smells as good as it looks and has an earthy and nutty aroma with a hint of marshmallow.

Advanced smokers and growers can’t go wrong with Jungle Cake. Enjoy our Jungle Cake strain review for more information on the pros and cons of this splendid strain.

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ORIGIN White fire # 43 and wedding cake
Dry eyes
SCENT Sweet, creamy marshmallow, vanilla cake, diesel, nuts, earthy, cuddly
TASTE Sweet, sugary, creamy, tropical, sour, fruity, moist, spicy
BLOOMING TIME 57 to 67 days indoors or outdoors
INDICA / SATIVA% 50% / 50%
INTERNAL RESULTS Average of 1 pound per plant
OUTDOOR AREA Average of 1 pound per plant


The relaxing effects of Jungle Cake start immediately and make the way from the head to the body easier. Start slowly as this strain is known for its powerful effects and its high THC levels can lead to serious couch locks.

The most commonly reported effects of jungle cake are relaxation and euphoria, which often lead to high feelings of happiness and giggles. This makes it an ideal smoke to unwind at the end of a long or stressful day. Users also report severe cravings for snacks from Jungle Cake. So have some food ready when these nibbles show up!

The therapeutic uses for this strain are also promising. Users have recommended Jungle Cake, especially for those who suffer from nausea or loss of appetite, insomnia, and other sleep disorders. Its euphoric properties can be very calming for depression, anxiety, mood swings, chronic stress, PMS and PTSD. The strong body high is also helpful for those struggling with body pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms.


Jungle Cake certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to smell or taste! The sweet smell of this strain is just lovely! It starts off with a creamy marshmallow scent similar to the Wedding Cake variety, and its sugary sweet smell makes you think of vanilla cake straight out of the bakery. As you go deeper, you’ll also notice some harsh references to diesel, nuts, soil, and kush.


This is a strain that has a unique taste. It’s pleasantly sweet, similar to its aroma, but the sugary taste is a little more subtle. It has the same creamy texture as Wedding Cake and the same goes for its fragrance, but with a slightly tropical, sour and fruity note. After that, you will also notice a bit of gratitude and sharpness.

Jungle Cake Strain will surely appeal to users with a sweet tooth, while its relaxing and euphoric properties will be loved by those looking to relax after a long day. You can find similar seeds in our seed bank.

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Side effects

Aside from the couch lock and nibbles potential mentioned earlier, which is pretty easy to make, jungle cake has a few side effects that you should be aware of, especially since it is usually quite long-lasting.

As is typical of many strains of weeds, especially those high in THC, there is a chance that some level of fear or paranoia may arise when using jungle cake. Start slowly, especially if you are a newer user or are sensitive to THC. However, this effect shouldn’t be too much of a problem, especially if you enjoy it in moderation. You can also add CBD to balance the THC.

Cotton mouth and dry eyes are also quite common, so make sure you hydrate well and have some water and eye drops on hand. Some less experienced users have also reported that Young Cake made them feel more relaxed for longer than usual, but this is not a common experience. Other than that, your experience with Jungle Cake should be pretty positive!


Jungle Cake is one of those strains best reserved for experienced growers – or beginners looking for a challenge – as it can be a little fussy. For those who actually choose to, Jungle Cake is sure to reward you!

This strain grows tall and wide and requires early training, pre-flowering trimming, and a little extra space. Plan for this if you intend to grow these plants inside and make sure you prune early in the growth cycle before growth gets out of hand.

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Jungle cake also needs a little more space to get lots of air, as the density of the plant can lead to mold or mildew if the humidity is not carefully controlled. Also, growers tend to find that this strain requires careful attention to its nutritional content.

Growers who rise to this challenge are rewarded with a considerably large harvest – up to an average of 1 pound per plant. Ideally, this plant prefers warm, sunny and dry growing seasons. Indoors or outdoors, you can expect an average height of 60 to 80 inches. Make sure you cut the plant down before flowering to increase production.

Jungle Cake is a solid strain, especially for intermediate users or growers looking for a strong heavy hitter.


Jungle Cake is a photoperiod plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. You can expect this plant to bloom within 57 to 67 days when grown in the right conditions. The harvest time is around 73 to 80 days.

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  1. White fire # 43
  2. wedding cake

FAQ about Jungle Cake Strain

What is the yield of the Jungle Cake variety?

Jungle Cake Strain produces an average of up to 1 pound per plant.

How Much THC does Jungle Cake have?

It contains between 26-30% THC.

What are the origins of the jungle cake variety?

Jungle Cake Strain was created from White Fire # 43 and Wedding Cake.

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