How Much Do Weed Seeds Cost? 2021 Guide to Pricing!


Before you even start growing marijuana, the upfront cost and equipment seem a little daunting. However, when you break things up into smaller steps it can be easier to wrap your head around and eventually take action.

In this article we will discuss the cost of seeds. We’ll tell you how to know which aspects of seeds are worth paying for. We are concerned with the question of how much do pot seeds cost.

You will also learn how and where to compare prices and what the overall price range to expect so you know you are getting the best possible deal on your seeds.

Information on the cost of weed seeds

Factors Affecting the Price of Marijuana Seeds


One of the most important factors in a seed that is absolutely worth the money is high quality genetics. The higher the quality of the genes, the higher the cost of the semen should be, at least as a general rule of thumb.

High quality genetics come from reputable sperm banks and breeders who don’t just try to take advantage of people by crossing an average man with a high quality woman.

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supply and demand

The cost of seeds increases and decreases depending on how many of them are available and how high the demand is at any given time. Certain strains are more popular than others, and sometimes a particular strain can get additional hype, for example if it recently won an award.

When there is high demand for a particular seed and the supply is insufficient, companies will likely increase prices. This is Economy 101, but it’s easy to forget about external factors when shopping for seeds.

Production costs

Another factor that affects the cost of seeds is the cost of production. It mostly comes down to how much breeding work went into making the seeds, including specialized seeds like feminized seeds and autoflowers.

Both are much more common (and of much better quality) than ever before. It should come as no surprise, however, that they cost a little more than “regular” seeds, especially considering that they allow you, the grower, to get your buds earlier after a quick and easy growing season.

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While most people in the United States believe that cannabis should be legalized by now, there are of course many areas and states where it is still a crime to grow or own marijuana. The good news is that this is going in the right direction; Every year the number of states that have legalized marijuana increases.

If you live in a state that is specifically illegal to do so or is in a legal gray area, buying seeds takes on new weight. If weeds are illegal in your home state, your options for buying seeds are a little more limited.

This is mainly because you don’t have a choice of going to a brick and mortar store and buying seeds and asking the sellers about their various goods.

Instead, all you have to do is look online and order that the seeds are delivered discreetly to your doorstep. You have to trust the sperm bank, so buy from a reputable online store.

THC content

Another factor that affects the price of weed seeds is the THC content of the strain you are buying. In fact, THC levels are directly correlated to price. The more THC the strain has, the higher the cost of the seeds. THC-rich seeds generally sell for three times the cost of their low-quality, low-THC counterparts. It makes sense, of course, when you factor in the price per THC amount. The higher the THC, the fewer seeds you actually need to buy!

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Tips for Finding Affordable Marijuana Seeds


Make sure you have done enough research before hitting the “Submit” button when purchasing your seeds. First, ask yourself how much marijuana seeds cost.

Read some articles on different types of seeds that are sold and see what types of seeds would be best for your grow. That way, you will get a better idea of ​​the features to look for in different seeds and you won’t waste money on something that doesn’t grow right for you.

Compare prices

Check out different seed banks and compare prices for the strains you might want to buy. Also, find out what kind of bundles and guarantees they give you. For example, I Love Growing Marihuana guarantees your seeds will be delivered – but did you know we guarantee your seeds will germinate too?

If somehow you have seeds that for some reason won’t germinate, get new ones for free. This can be incredibly valuable to any grower, new or old, as you are guaranteed some level of success for your buck.

So when comparing prices, make sure you also compare the other benefits.

Look for discounts, sales, and VIP programs.

One way to get good seeds for a bit cheaper is to find deals, sales, discounts, and VIP programs. This can be a great way to save money on a strain that you want.

They also help you get more seeds for the normal prices of fewer seeds. That said, you can save your seeds for future growing seasons to get the most bang for your buck.

With VIP programs or loyalty programs, those who want to keep ordering from the same sperm bank can take advantage of certain perks and benefits such as coupons in different dollar amounts to get a discount on their next order. This can really pay off, especially if you plan to grow marijuana more than once.

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Buy direct from a sperm bank.

Buying your weed seeds from a seed bank rather than from a middleman is the best way to ensure the highest quality seeds. Also, you can buy different types and varieties of seeds without having to worry about the quality of a seed that you are trying for the first time. These seed banks take their work very seriously and give you, the customer, security.

Of course, you can also get seeds for free from a friend who grows their own marijuana, but that’s unlikely if you don’t already know anyone who both grows and has seeds left.

Dealers can also sell you seeds, but the quality assurance there is not the same. Sperm banks can also be visited in person if you are lucky enough to live in a state where it is legal and if there are enough sperm banks around.

Obtain recommendations

People trust word of mouth and for good reason. Ask other cultivators questions like: How much do marijuana seeds usually cost? This way you can know what prices to expect, at least from the grower’s perspective.

You can also get referrals by reading articles online about different seed banks and strains. Many websites offer these types of reviews and compare seeds and banks side by side to give you, the consumer, the best possible overview.

FAQ on buying cannabis seeds

What do i need to grow marijuana seeds??

For absolute beginners, we recommend a beginner grow kit in addition to a light load. These kits usually contain all-stage fertilizer and seeds, along with easy-to-use instructions.

Which Marijuana Plant Seeds Should New Growers Buy?

New breeders should try seeds that are specially labeled as “easy to grow” or “beginner friendly”. You should also consider the effects the buds are supposed to have, such as: B. energizing, relaxing or medicinal purposes. Look for your perfect seed in our shop.

All you need to do is practice and learn to grow marijuana like a pro. Our blog will help you with all the growing information you need.

Have you thought about buying weed seeds? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Have fun waxing!


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