Everything you need to know about the Rosin Tech Go 2


Rosin Tech Products makes a range of commercial and household tools to extract high quality rosin without the use of solvents or chemicals. The Rosin Press Go is specially designed for home use and uses heat and pressure extract of rosin from cannabis and cannabis products.

It’s light and small enough to stow a backpack for portability without compromising on high performance construction. At its core, this machine allows cannabis users to take control of their own experiences and opens up the world of dabbing for those who prefer cannabis products that stay away from chemical processing.

Below is everything you need to know about the Rosin Tech Go 2.

What is the Rosin Tech Go 2?

The Rosin Tech Go 2 is a portable heat press that extracts extremely pure concentrates from cannabis flowers and other substances such as hashish. It’s smaller than your average kitchen appliance and made from industrial materials.

The scope of delivery includes three items: machine, power cord and instruction manual. Refer to the user guide for easy, step-by-step instructions for setting up. There is also an online training center where you can learn best practices and techniques.

Note: It is important to note that some important items are not included with the Rosin Tech Go 2 but are required for the machine to operate. You likely already have them around as these items include parchment paper and a rosin collecting or scraping tool.

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Using the Rosin Tech Go 2

The Rosin Tech Go 2 is very intuitive and easy to use for anyone, regardless of experience. The temperature and timer presets are controlled manually with up and down arrows on the digital back. Loud beeps indicate when the set temperature has been reached and when the timer has expired.

The basic function is simple: press the “OK” button to set the temperature manually and toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Press “OK” again to set the timer. Once the temperature is reached, place the cannabis material wrapped in parchment paper between the two metal plates, press the step down to apply pressure, and press Enter to start the countdown.

The design and materials make it safe to use, with minimal risk of burns if handled carefully. The hardest part of the process is figuring out the temperature and timer presets. The Rosin Tech website has some tutorial videos on this, and there is plenty of content online about which settings are ideal.

It takes some trial and error, and after many test runs, I recommend starting at 200-230 ° F for five minutes.

What to do with the flower, the yield and the leftovers?

The main variable when using the Rosin Tech Go 2 press is the main material. There is no shortage of information online about what works best, including details that range from flower dryness to which strains work best. After testing different strains and speaking with Brian Crawford, team concierge at Sho Products – the parent company of Rosin Tech – it’s safe to say that some strains work better than others for rosin extraction and some just don’t. There is no real rhyme or reason that current technology or scientific understanding can provide, as it may even be the case between strains that share the same genetic parents.

As Crawford puts it in one of my favorite analogies, “Me and my brother can both eat the same burrito and one of us will be fine and the other will have a stomach ache.”

In addition to using flowers that are well suited for resin extraction, setting the temperature and timer can affect the overall yield and quality. These factors are variable and work specifically with the material so that they are context specific. In general, I found that higher temperatures produced a softer, stickier, and darker concentrate, while lower temperatures produced a gold-colored concentrate that had a fresher taste. Crawford said that “less is more,” noting that while the machine can handle up to three grams in one print, “one to one and a half grams will get the highest return on extraction”.

And when you’re done pressing, what can you do with the leftover pressed slices of cannabis called “pucks”? Aside from pressing them into diaries alongside flowers and leaves, you can also recycle them to get more of their effectiveness. One method of doing this is to double-press two disks after the first press with a slightly higher temperature (+20 degrees) and a longer time (+30 seconds), which usually results in a slightly higher rosin extraction. Like everything else, this second press is not the original press, but it is still good. Another option is to collect a significant number of slices – 10 or higher – and infuse them in oil or butter.

How to Clean Rosin Tech Go 2

Since no material comes into direct contact with the machine itself, there is no real need for cleaning. However, if some sticky residue gets stuck on one of the press plates, it can be cleaned and disinfected by wiping it with a damp cloth and / or alcohol swab if necessary.

What’s the attraction?

The Rosin Tech Go 2 press is a game changer for anyone who wants to explore the world of solvent-free dabbing. Paired with a sleek e-rig, it’s the height of cannabis luxury and elevates the experience to a level that is similar to a good meal. The ability to make your own rosin from a small batch of flowers in 5 to 10 minutes definitely falls into the convenience and luxury category with a price tag of $ 295.

Overall, it’s very easy to use and once you get a feel for the settings all you have to do is press a few buttons. It produces constantly fresh and aromatic hits and makes a great contribution to increasing potency. While not recommended for large extraction projects, this portable press is a great option for making small batches of high quality pure extracts for tasty swabs.

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