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When it comes to historic cannabis strains, Chemdog – also known as “Chemdawg” – is certainly one of the most influential. The original hybrid is known for its gaseous aroma and potent effects that hit the body with a largely euphoric experience – it is best reserved for those who have higher tolerances.

Chemdog’s unique properties are why we, as consumers, revere gaseous flavors as the strongest, most powerful, and often the best of the best cannabis products. But how did Chemdog come about and how has it affected the lineage of other popular strains?

The story of Chemdog

Chemdog is a famous hybrid that has been around since the 1990s when many of the cannabis strains we all know and love today were first discovered, bred, processed, and propagated.

It is said that three guys named Greg (Chemdog), Pbud (Mike) and Joe Brand met in the summer of 1991 on a Grateful Dead show in Indiana. Chemdog was 18 years old at this point and Pbud was 21. Chem was walking around the parking lot looking for weeds. He heard someone say “kind bud” – that someone was Pbud. Chemdog noticed that it was one of the best weeds he had ever seen, so he bought a quarter of it, and the weed was so good that Chemdog got Pbud’s phone number to get more.

Years later, he turned to Pbud and the crew for more of that damp weed. They got through and shipped a 500-ounce ounce of it to Chemdog in Massachusetts. In that ounce there were 13 seeds that jumped into the three original Chemdog phenotypes: Chemdawg 91, Chem D, and Chem’s Sister. Years after breeding Chem 91, Chem D and Chem’s Sister, Chemdog sent some of the original seeds back to Pbud, and in 2006 Chem 4 was born.

The strain Pbud had was originally called Dogbud because after you smoke it you turn around like a dog. However, the aroma was so strong, so gaseous, so “chemmy” that they also called it “chem weed”. Put Dogbud and Chem Weed together and Viola: Chemdog was born.

Since Chemdog was born, it has become a household name for cannabis breeders, growers, and consumers. The genetics of each Chemdog phenotype were used to create many other popular cannabis strains that you are probably smoking right now.

Here are seven Chemdog hybrids that carry on the legacy of the original.


You can’t talk about Chemdog Heritage strains without mentioning those from the actual Chemdog.

Geisel, also called Superdawg, is Mass Super Skunk, crossed with Chemdog. It is expected to share many of the same soil and diesel properties as the original Chemdog strains. You can expect high potency and some calming effect.

Super snow dog

Super Snow Dog comes from the cross of Chemdog with a Super Skunk. It’s a sativa-dominant flower that produces a barrage of trichomes – that look like snow – and has floral aromas. Because of its genetics, the effects of Super Snow Dog are generally expected to hit your head with a heavy dose of creativity and euphoria.

Sour diesel

Of this list, Sour Diesel is certainly the most famous cross made by Chemdog. It was bred by Asshole J and is the result of accidentally pollinating a Super Skunk with Chemdog 91. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that many love for uplifting effects that can help ease your mood.

It has – you guessed it – a dominant sour and diesel taste. The effects are mostly seen as relaxed and happy, so it’s a really big burden for someone in need of a change in the day. Hit it in the afternoon and drive in that afternoon.

Alien Dawg

The Cali Connection is a group of breeders known for giving us Deadhead OG. Also, they gave us Alien Dawg, who crosses Chemdog with a strain called Alien Technology.

Alien Technology is believed to be an Afghan landrace that commonly has berry and hash flavors. A cross with the earthy Diesel Chemdog results in Alien Dawg having a sweet, fruity, and gaseous terpene profile. Regarding the effects, you can expect to be extremely tall and sleepy after Alien Dawg grabs your body.


If you love Chemdog you will definitely love Stardawg. Stardawg was bred by Top Dawg Seeds and is a hybrid created by crossing Chemdog 4 and Tres Dawg. The result is a strain known for its high THC content and high potency, whether it’s uplifting or calming. The results will vary by consumer, but you know that either route will be a powerful roller coaster ride for an experience.

Tres Dawg

Tres Dawg is a parent strain of Stardawg, which was also originally bred by Top Dawg Seeds. It is an indica-dominant strain that is created by back-crossing a Chemdog and an Afghani strain. Tres Dawg is often expected to produce a comforting high, although effects can vary.

GMO cookies

GMO biscuits, also called garlic biscuits, have achieved legendary status in recent years. It’s a cross between Chemdog and GSC that smells like funky garlic and tastes the same. The effects? Have you ever been hit by a THC bus? It is that. When Mamiko Seeds bred this one they certainly had no idea that it was going to explode for what it is.

GMO cookies are strong and hit your whole body with a high that will make you sit around laughing at silly shit. There’s a reason it was predicted to be one of the most popular strains of 2021.

Featured image by Gina Coleman / Weedmaps


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