Armed Man From Connecticut Heads To FL, Plans To Kill His Girlfriend Is Stopped By Florida Police Officers At The Very Last Minute


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According to Fox News, Florida police officers were able to stop an attempted murder in time.

A woman named 911 said her estranged friend had traveled from Connecticut and followed her with a loaded gun, authorities said.

Bodycam recordings show the suspect, 39-year-old Aaron Thayer, being insulted and arrested.

The man’s friend, who was not identified, called the police the day before and reported that she had received many threatening texts.

One message read, “I hope you die” and “Imma kill you,” said another.

Police received a call from the woman claiming that Thayer was home “armed with a tire iron”.

The woman said the man tried to break in and threatened to kill her, authorities said.

Flagler County MPs were nearby, reacting instantly to the scene where they encountered the fleeing victim when Thayer was chasing them.

“The MPs protected the victim by hiding them behind their patrol car and confronting Thayer and trying to take him into custody,” the sheriff’s office said.

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“Thayer, however, was not compliant and was verbally abused.”

Thayer was found with a loaded pistol and a jackknife in his jeans, police reported.

Thayer is being held at Sheriff Perry Hall Detention Center without bail.

“The Easter Bunny came early for the victim named Jen Prevatt and Ed Faircloth from Deputy,” said Sheriff Rick Staly.

“This guy told the victim he was going to kill her and less than 24 hours later he had been driving all night and was at her door to kill her.”

Thayer has been charged with written death threats, attempted murder with a gun, possession of a gun / ammunition by a convicted criminal, petty theft, and nonviolent resistance to arrest.

“I’m so grateful that my MPs were able to intercept this guy and use their training, tactical and de-escalation techniques before he could hurt anyone,” added Staly. “They faced a very volatile and dangerous situation, taking the risk to protect the victim. This situation could have led to a completely different outcome if either the victim, suspect or MPs had been injured or killed, had it not been for the heroic efforts of our MPs. “

From Fox News:

Police said the victim reported that Thayer had installed surveillance cameras on the property to keep an eye on her while he was away from Connecticut, allegedly for work, and that she had alerted authorities to “blind spots” because Thayer may be watching.

The day before, MPs had the victim answer one of Thayer’s calls while talking to her to see where he was calling from. They “could hear Thayer ask the victim who was in the house with her and then tell her he was on his way to kill her,” police said.

The sheriff’s department was able to obtain an arrest warrant for Thayer with nationwide extradition.

It was unclear if he had a lawyer who could speak on his behalf.



Robert Dunfee