Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley Cute Pictures


Since Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley confirmed their engagement in February, the couple have been known to be private when it comes to being seen together. Things seemed to change lately when the couple not only left Mexico on March 29, but were photographed later that evening at the Best Cafe and Bar in Hot Springs, AK. In the group photo, Aaron and Shailene can be seen cuddling with folded hands. For a “first photo” together, they have certainly chosen an adorable pose. Last weekend, the couple took things to the most magical place on earth with their date at Disney World, complete with matching war of stars Masks.

While it is unclear when the two are dating during a gig on Today’s show Shailene stated that they met during the pandemic. In the same episode, Shailene also confirmed that the couple had been engaged “for a while” despite news that their engagement was interrupted in February. Keep scrolling to see all of the cute moments Shailene and Aaron have shared so far.



Robert Dunfee