4 weed products pro boxer Karim Mayfield can’t live without


Professional boxer Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield is Bay Area to the core. You can hear it the way he speaks, you can see it the way he goes, and The Bay is definitely the way he fights. “I was born and raised in the Western Addition known as Fillmore [District]. What we call the Moe. It’s known as a historically black community, and I pretty much got up there in all of my teenage years, and today I’m still there doing what I can for the youth, ”he told Weedmaps in a recent telephone interview.

Mayfield has a record of 21 wins (11 Ko, 10 decisions), 5 losses (0 Ko, 5 decisions). He is the 2006 Golden Glove champion, a former NABO junior welterweight champion, and insists that he has never been hit, beaten or injured. His toughest opponent ever? Self. “In order not to sound cocky, my toughest opponent was myself, to be honest. I can tell you that I fought a guy named Thomas Delorme, that was a little harder than others. No excuse, but it wasn’t the full me in there. “

Currently Mayfield is inactive as a professional boxer but is training for a comeback and wants Danny Garcia to stop running. “I’ve been following this guy for a long time. I have a documentary about WorldStar called Run Danny. They duck me to this day. People will say I want a big payday, but I am so passionate that I will fight it for the lowly. “

After boxing, Mayfield’s passions extend to community restoration and social justice in California cannabis. “It’s very important, very important, that I give back where I come from. I got everything from there. “For a few years now, he has had a boxing program in San Francisco called SOULCHAMP, which aims to give children in difficult circumstances a more positive outlook. It offers a full-body boxing routine, meditation, and life skills to help overcome difficulties in lower-income areas growing up more dangerous than the San Francisco we saw at Full House. “Mental health is definitely a serious problem these days.”

Over the past year, the former welterweight champion has grown into an owner of the cannabis business. Hard Hitta is now the Chief Executive Officer and owner, in partnership with the Shryne Group, of Authentic 415 in San Francisco. As with SOULCHAMP, Taylor’s mission with Authentic 415 is about giving back to the authentic San Francisco community. “Before gentrification came and a lot of our people moved to the Bay Area, the city wasn’t that expensive at all. How we keep it authentic is that we keep these price points low. We definitely seem to be true to the culture and have affordable prices. We hire people from the neighborhood and the surrounding area. “

Karim Mayfield’s favorite herb

As well as selling cannabis, Mayfield loves to consume cannabis, but never when he’s fighting, as THC is against the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), but CBD is allowed. Regarding his advantages, he said to us, “I think the advantages [are] It won’t solve your problems, but by the time you feel like things are okay. When I use cannabis and have a problem, my mind fades and finds a way to help that problem. I can think a little deeper sometimes. It also makes movies more fun. ”

Here are four weed products Karim Mayfield can’t live without.

Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm

Mayfield isn’t a big smoker at all. Instead, he’s more of a CBD user. He loves subjects, and the one he chooses above all else is the well-known, sought-after Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm. “Every time I had a fight, I stayed away from any type of psychoactivity, just making sure I was only on CBD. No food, no smoke, nothing. “

Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm is a great hemp-derived theme marketed for post-workout pain, cramping, stretching, and muscle aches.

STIIIZY vape pens

On the very rare occasions where Mayfield uses cannabis in his spare time, he prefers STIIIZY vape pens to flowers and blots. “I like the resins because they taste good and are super incognito. You’re just reluctant. “

STIIIZY pens and sleeves are well known throughout California. Mayfield loves the flavors and prices. The website currently lists over 21 varieties in half and full gram pods.

STIIIZY also grows flowers under the LIIIT brand. Mayfield loves her Circa variety. Circa is a sativa that Mayfield loves for its creativity.

Cookies trunks

From time to time Mayfield may smoke a small tree. He’s by no means a connoisseur, but he knows what tastes good and feels good. Aside from STIIIZY’s Circa, some of his favorites were Gary Payton and Cake Mix from Cookies.

Ball Family Farms

“Ball Family Farms definitely has some great products.”

Ball Family Farms is a black-owned and operated cannabis company based in California. They specialize in high quality flowers, namely their famous Daniel LaRusso variety.

Daniel LaRusso is a strong hybrid with spicy and minty flavors. It offers a satisfactory high that is perfect for a day trip.

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