14 weed products for a stoney and romantic Valentine’s Day


This year, the concept of Valentine’s Day needs a little TLC. With all of the chaos we’re now used to, flowers, chocolates, and perfumes would have been fine. However, normal gifts are no longer enough to warm us from this winter, late pandemic malaise.

If there was ever a Valentine’s Day that needed spicing up, this is it. And the best way to spice up any situation from the bedroom to the living room is to dazzle your partner with fun, sexy, and delicious cannabis gifts.

Here are some of our favorites.

Cheers to Love Intimacy Collection

High on Love’s Intimacy collection melts the ice on the window pane, from oils aimed at orgasms to hemp-infused chocolate body paint. Girly and gorgeous, this rose gold line is as effective as it is chic.

Price: varies

Available: nationwide

CannaSpa Couples Kit from Culinary and Cannabis

Treat your partner and yourself to a unique range of culinary and cannabis. The CannaSpa Couples Kit contains loaded body care CBD goodies, plus cozy socks, papers, and more from this brand owned by Schwarz and Frauen.

Price: $ 100

Available: nationwide

Yummi Karma love potion

Love Potion is a herbal aphrodisiac tincture from the women’s brand Yummi Karma. With a nice balance of 7 milligrams of THC to 3 milligrams of CBD per dropper and stimulating herbs like passionflower, guaraba, ginseng and turmeric, you’ll be ready after a few drops.

Price: $ 40

Available: California

Weedhearts CBD Prerolls from Dad Grass

Excite your love with Dad Grass’ soothing CBD prerolls from Weedhearts in classic Valentine card packaging. They bring you back to the time of the handing over of cards and the creeping glances.

Price: $ 37

Available: nationwide

Khemia rose petal prerolls

Another exquisite product from a brand owned by women, Khemia’s Rose Petal Cones add a classy touch to the rose petal joints trend of 2017. They burn slowly and evenly, and the rose petals add a touch of floral terpenes to your smoking experience – a perfect mood-setting gift.

Price: $ 14.50

Available: California

The Palm Engraveable Battery by Mae

With a personalized, engravable vaporizer battery from Mae, your loved ones will feel very special. The Palm is extremely convenient as it is compatible with all 510 cartridges and can run a full charge through a full gram of oil. Your honey will feel like they are carrying a luxurious accessory with the pretty design of The Palm and the elegant rose gold or silver offerings.

Price: $ 225

Available: nationwide

Aster Farms x Rose is delighted with Nectarine Juniper Berry

Elegant and incredibly cool, these chef-formulated Turkish Delights from Rose LA offer a complex flavor that combines Autumn Bright Nectarines with cold-soaked, jumbled juniper berries and an indica-dominated Aster OG rosin from Aster Farms, everyone’s favorite sustainable cannabis brand.

Price: $ 35

Available: California

Pink Heart Bong from Canna Style

As sweet as it can be, this Pink Heart Bong by Canna Style is the perfect gift to celebrate a holiday all about love. It stands at 9 “and delivers bold clouds that will make hearts see when you pass it on to your favorite person.

Price: $ 78

Available: nationwide

5:10 ALT Liquid Cannabis from ALT

Make sure you have space in your stomach after your Valentine’s Day celebration to make smooth cannabis cocktails with ALT’s 5 milligram CBD to 10 milligram THC liquid cannabis vials after dinner. They are an excellent alternative to juicy crops and won’t leave you with a hangover after Valentine’s Day.

Price: available upon request

Available: California

Her Highness thigh-high ashtray

Your Highness

An ashtray made of gold and marble? It brings us every time. NYC-based Her Highness brand makes a thigh ashtray that is the perfect sexy, silly, and stylish gift for the common smoking highness in your life.

Price: $ 90

Pink OG Mota Bong

My favorite bong of the year, the OG Beaker, comes from Mota, a new glass brand for women, minorities and veterans from Los Angeles. Classic, robust and cool. This 12-inch tumbler bong is hand-blown in Los Angeles by an artist collective and came out in pink just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Price: $ 120

Available: nationwide

Sunrise ashtray from Tetra


Robbie Frankel from Balefire Glass makes these unique and absolutely beautiful glass ashtrays that will put a sunny smile on your loved one’s face. The handmade Sunrise ashtray is colorful and each piece is unique. Check out his “Dusk” rendering for a cool selection.

Price: $ 96

Available: nationwide

Raw Garden Strawberry Rosé Live Resin Cartridge

Raw Garden, one of the best concentrate brands in the business, is here to ease our Valentine’s Day worries with their exquisite new float, the Strawberry Rosé Live Resin Cartridge. This hybrid blend contains the parent strains Rose, Strawberry Fields and Skystomper. It tastes soft, slightly sweet, and totally delightful, and makes you feel energetic, aroused, and most importantly, ready to party.

Price: $ 60

Available: nationwide

Laganja Estranja CBD Bodycare Box Set by Honey Pot CBD

CBD honey pot

The CBD Bodycare Box Set by Laganja Estranja was made with love and contains skin-friendly ingredients such as soothing blue tansy in the Blue Dream Cream Body Lotion and soothing lavender in the Sugar Daddy Purp Bath Bomb. Your partner will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after immersing themselves in this unique set.

Price: $ 79.99

Available: nationwide

Hannah Meadows contributed to this article.

Featured image by Gina Coleman / Weedmaps



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