10 cannabis strains to buy from Black-owned brands


Buy black grass. Period.

Here are 10 black-owned cannabis farms and the flagship strains that you should try. Since there are so few black owners in each state, sometimes just one or none at all, this list spans mostly across the west coast states – California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington – with slim picks from Colorado and Washington DC that have established cannabis- Leisure market.

Hollingsworth Cannabis: Papaya Punch

Status: Washington

Hollingsworth Cannabis in Washington state is a family business. They have two sectors: the THC side of the company called Hollingsworth Cannabis and the CBD hemp side of the company called the Hollingsworth Hemp Company. All of their crops are environmentally friendly and are grown using solar energy and nutrient-rich soils that are filled with natural earthworm castings.

Hollingsworth’s flagship cannabis strains are Papaya Punch and Mac and Cheese.

Ball Family Farms: Daniel LaRusso

Status: California

Ball Family Farms in California is a social justice farm founded by Chris Ball.

They have a variety of strains inspired by kung fu movies like Last Dragon and Karate Kid. While they currently offer Bruce Leroy, Sho-Nuff, and Miyagi-Do strains, their flagship hard hitter that you should definitely check out is called Daniel LaRusso.

Daniel LaRusso, a hybrid cannabis strain perfect for balance, hits the nose with spicy and minty aromas that don’t make you feel too spatial. Ball tells us that the satisfying high of this strain is perfect for an afternoon adventure in your canary yellow 1948 Ford Super DeLuxe.

Bridges Academy Farms: Cherry Fritters

Status: California

Bridges Academy Farms was founded by Joel McClure and is the first black cannabis farm in Humboldt County. The company’s mission is to teach budding Black & Brown farmers how to grow cannabis legally and sustainably. It does this through a program and curriculum based on biodynamics, Korean natural farming, and regenerative farming techniques. In 2019, Bridges Academy Farms received a grant from Humboldt County’s Project Trellis Equity Program.

Their flagship is their cherry fritter. It’s a proprietary cross between Apple Fritter and Cherry Lime Dog that makes for a gaseous, sticky producer with a flowering time of 6 to 7 weeks. Bred by Californian breeder Bio Vortex, it has an aroma and taste best described as a lime peel with a tart, sweet cherry that plays off in the smoke.

GasHouse: Bananimal

Conditions: California and Oregon

GasHouse in California is pretty quiet when it comes to the owners and the business itself. Still, they’re a minority-owned company that grows high quality weeds. According to their website, they are known for their GasHouse OG, Billy Kimber OG, and Bananimal strains, among others.

The website states that their GasHouse OG is a deep indica with a skunky aroma – it provides intense body stimulation and soothing cerebral relaxation. The Billy Kimber OG is an OG Kush cut that offers a powerful Indica experience, calming your body and stimulating your mind. And her Bananimal will hit you with that sweet banana cream smell with spicy cookie dough additions and a high that will put you in a state of relaxation and wellbeing.

Magic Hour Cannabis: Gelato # 25 x Do-Si-Dos

Status: Oregon

Founded by Will Perry and Adriana Carlile, Magic Hour Cannabis is a Black, Latinx, and female-owned and operated Tier 1 flower producer in the state of Oregon. They’re currently launching Magic Hour’s flagship, a yet-to-be-named hybrid of Gelato # 25 x Do-Si-Dos, and I’ll tell you it’s big gas.

The Gelato # 25 x Do-si genetics highlight all the overarching attributes with appearance and taste. This beautiful indica-dominant hybrid produces purple and dark green flowers that are absolutely encrusted with trichomes. When it comes to smell, taste and effect, Gelato # 25 x Do-Si-Dos meets sweet, gaseous terpenes and a powerful sedative.

Thanks to Bros: Super Silver Haze

Status: Oregon

Thanks Bros in the state of Oregon is supported by Gary Gatewood and Mike Powers. Their flagship strain is Super Silver Haze, ideal for Oregon consumers looking for those classic legendary cannabis strains like you really are.

Super Silver Haze is a Sativa-dominant cross of Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights # 5 and Haze genetics. It usually has an earthy and citrus-terpene profile followed by an uplifting, energetic high that many consumers seek for daily consumption. Additionally, Dank Bros has a wonderful wedding cake that you should try.

LOWD Farms: Cake Mints

Status: Oregon

LOWD Farms is owned and operated by founders Jesce Horton, who you may know from Netflix’s Grass is Green documentary, and Dave Murray. Additionally, Jesce and his wife, Jeannette founded the Nu Leaf Project, a nonprofit that provides grants, educational resources, job placement assistance, and entrepreneurial services to cannabis business owners and career hopes.

LOWD is known for many high quality varieties, especially for their flagships: Cake Mints, 503 WiFi and Platinum Garlic Cookies.

Cake Mints is a selection of Kush Cake that crosses Kush Mints and Wedding Cake F3. It has all the characteristics of a classic wedding cake with the added cozy, earthy and rocky effects of Kush Mints. The high is perfect for a relaxed evening on the town or your tent under the stars.

503 WiFi is a cute cut from White Fire OG that features dense, trichome-packed buds, a fresh, pine-like OG-like odor, and a gaseous inhalation with a clean release of mint. The best thing about it are the motivating, intense and amazingly balanced effects.

Platinum Garlic Cookies – PGC for short – is a mixture of GMO Cookies and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. The result is one of the most pleasurable offensive terpene profiles with a fairly powerful punch.

Zion Gardens: GOGGB

Status: Nevada

Zion Gardens is a Nevada farm partnered with leading gardener Aaron McCrary. He told me that they proudly grow their version of Sophisticated Lady, a strain that Ghost OG crosses with Grateful Breath.

Zion’s version of the strain is called GOGGB and has a very “cozy” heavy nose with sweet, floral and pine-like accents. The taste is similar, with a soft smoke that quickly settles over the eyes. The high is expected to stimulate the nibbles and get you into relaxation on the couch.

FIRE cannabis: jet fuel

Status: Colorado

Simply Pure out of Colorado is the first (and only) black cannabis business in Colorado. It was founded by military veterans Wanda James and Scott Durrah, whom you may know from BET’s SMOKE documentary and many other cannabis media outlets.

In addition to their retail space, Simply Pure has a premiere cannabis brand called FIRE Cannabis. In 2018, FIRE won the Best Flavor Champion in the Grow Off competition for its small series flower. According to the Simply Pure website, strain offerings currently include Jet Fuel, Tangerine Power, and Money Pug.

District breeder

Status: Washington, DC

District Growers is a Washington DC cannabis company founded by Corey Barnett. It is black owned and operated. They currently produce groceries, tinctures, capsules and pre-ground flower packs, as well as a variety of 24 varieties to choose from.

Brianna Wheeler contributed to this article.

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