Hunter Biden Admits Burisma Position Was ‘F*** You to Putin’


President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is on a national book tour to promote his memoir, Beautiful Things, published earlier this week. When Hunter doesn’t blame drugs for his “I don’t remember” answers, he gives a very bizarre glimpse into the world of the Bidens.

Jäger’s involvement with the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings was the focus of many discussions on Joe Biden’s campaign path. Hunter received a position on the board of directors for an ungodly large salary. Hunter and his father claimed he was offered the job not because of Joe’s strong global status as Vice President of the United States, but because the former drug addict was the right person for the job despite lacking energy experience.

Joe Biden vehemently denied having been involved in his son’s business affairs, despite once boasting about firing a senior Ukrainian prosecutor. The prosecutor investigated corruption with burisma; that is, until Biden helped oust him to save his son’s job. He “never” discussed his son’s job with him.

Not shockingly, Hunter Biden admits that his position actually served a political purpose for his then-vice-presidential father. Jaeger’s work with Burisma was indeed an asset to US efforts to pressure Russia.

In his memoir, the younger Biden writes that Burisma served as a “bulwark” against Russian efforts to control Ukrainian natural gas reserves. He also added his family name which helped the United States in this regard. To put it more directly, Hunter writes: “To put it more clearly, having a Biden on Burisma’s board was a loud and unmistakable F *** for Putin.”

In an interview with the BBC, Hunter doubled exactly what he and his father have been denying for years. Hunter said he thought Burisma “saw my name as gold” when they hired him in 2014.

“The reason for this was this: at that time the Russians had invaded and captured the Crimea, and they were after the natural resources,” Biden told the BBC. “And I know Burisma wanted to do one thing: they wanted to create a bulwark against this Russian aggression, they knew they had to expand internationally and into other sectors to diversify and protect themselves,” he added.

“The name Biden is synonymous with democracy and transparency, and that’s why I said it was gold to them,” Hunter said.



Robert Dunfee